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Note - the TPS reset thread can be found here

Does your Fuel framed Buell (Yr2002-2007, and possibly current), have poor low RPM performance upto 3000 RPM? Such as stuttering, 'bogging down' under rapid throttle use, poor idling and very difficult to manouver slowly, i.e. towns, mini-roundabouts or carparks?
This procedure is a free way to eliminate any problems you might have with your Fuel Injection system or prevent any resetting problems in the future.
It shouldn't take you any longer than an hour.

A brief summary:

Your Fuel Injection System ECU has many sensors connected to it, that constantly monitor and adjust for optimum fuelling many times a second.
One of these sensors is called a 'Throttle Position Sensor', or ('TPS'), which is like the volume control on a radio.
It's outer casing is fitted to the 'Throttle Body',(TB),and the rotating centre part is linked to a 'Butterfly Valve', or 'BV' in the TB.
It tells the ECU the 'Throttle Position',
i.e. When you turn the throttle, the BV opens, which turns the TPS, and that tells the ECU to add more fuel.

A standard, or normal 'TPS reset' is an electronic procedure which zeroes the sensor to the ECU. This is carried out at every 10,000 miles service by a dealer. It has to be done to eliminate any 'mis-fuelling' problems.
Thanks to some talented home developers, it can now be done at home for free by using the free downloadable ECMSpy software.

Some TPS's were not fitted correctly at the factory, Whch means that sometimes play develops between the BV and the TPS, so that even the standard reset doesn't work, or in my case made the ridability worse.
The 'TPS Hard Reset', is a procedure to refit the TPS in the correct position on the TB, so that it can always be electronically reset properly.

You will need to have ECMSpy installed on a P.C. or Laptop with the cable to connect it to your Buell to complete the job. You can still do the procedure, and then maybe find a friendly, competent and local UKBEGGER, who could come round to your place to help you for the price of a cuppa.

Details of how to get ECMSpy and cables are in the 'How to' section.

How to do it:

1. Remove your airbox assembly and it's base, remembering to disconnect the airbox sensor. The TPS sensor is the black plastic item on the side of the TB, held on with two bolts. If your TPS has two orange dots, you have the new revision with the vertical alignment tabs. This procedure applies to the old style as well.
2. Adjust both throttle cables so sufficient slack is available. Also, Back off the idle adjustment cable until the BV will snap shut without touching the idle cable stop.
3. With a scribe, mark the TPS position by scratching a single line from the throttle body to the TPS. This will serve as a reference point just in case.
4. With a 7mm open end wrench, remove the two TPS mounting bolts and remove the TPS from the throttle body.
5. Remove the fine plastic debris from the internal link part of the TPS and the inside of the throttle body. Apply a small amount of high temp silicone grease to the tabs on the TPS to minimize wear in the future.
6. Refit the TPS and bolts, (in the same orientation that it came off, i.e. so that the scribe marks are close), but leave the bolts slightly loose, and turn the TPS counterclockwise, (As you look at it), this is a very small amount.
7. Insure the BV is totally closed, then turn the TPS clockwise until you feel the spring make contact with the internal link tabs on the BV. (Sometimes this is hard to tell, due to the friction of the rubber o ring, so it may be easier to just turn the TPS fully clockwise, until it stops against the bolts). This is a very small amount of movement, but it is critical! Now tighten the mounting bolts.
8. Most of you will notice that according to your scribed reference marks, your new position is just slightly right of the old position. Now your TPS and BV are truly aligned, without play.
9. Perform a NORMAL TPS reset, If you don't know how, don't worry, you've done the worst bit, just follow the instructions found in the 'How to' section.
10. Make sure you've reconnected the airbox sensor and refitted the airbox assembly, and have adjusted the throttle cables for the correct amount of slack.
11. Now you have a solid TPS zero. Remember, after a TPS reset, you need to ride the bike for it to re-learn it's AFV, (Air/Fuel Value). Get it warm and ride the bike at 70mph in top gear or between 3000-4000 RPM's, try to avoid hills to keep the throttle as constant as possible for about 2-3 minutes. When you stop, re-adjust your engine idle to 1050RPM's.

If, after all this, you notice no improvement, don't worry, it will have no detrimental effect at all on your system. It will only be noticable on bikes that have never had their TPS's fitted correctly.
I would like to think that this will be carried out by competent owners, however, if you are not competent, find someone who is. There is no reason for this to go wrong, however, I & UKBEG accept no responsibiliy for any problems arising from your actions.

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