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PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2009 9:11 am 
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As my XB9 got hit by the infamous "connector 77 error" (melted plug), I had to replace the plug. This connector is at the DC side of the voltage regulator, located behind the sprocket cover.

Buell offers a "connector service kit" (part # Y1312.02A8) and the new voltage regulators have a different type of connector fitted (but I don't know which). It came cheaper for me to order enough parts for two connectors and some extra terminals than buying the repair kit from buell.

If you want to repair/replace the connector on your own:

- Parts and tools needed: Picture

- Plug type is Delphi "Metri Pack Series 480", more infos here: Mouser part numbers:
    829-12052613 2-pin socket
    829-12065863 2-pin plug
    829-12052172 AWG 10 male terminal
    829-12052139 AWG 10 female terminal
    829-12147060 secondary lock (could also be reused from old connector)
    829-15324987 AWG 10 cable seal.

- Remove the secondary lock from the the wire side of the plug. A small screwdriver or a sharp blade helps you unlocking it.

- Use a thick wire or a very small screwdriver to poke through the hole and release the latch. Then carefully pull at the wire to remove the terminal from the plug. MAKE A NOTE WHICH CABLE WAS WHERE! Pict plug, pict socket, pict male terminal. In case of a melted plug, you will probably have to destroy the plug to remove the terminals.

- Cut off the old terminal as short as possible to not waste any cable length. Dismantle the cable about 1/4" (5-6mm).

- Slip a new seal over the cable. Crimp the new terminal at the wire. Picture of parts, You will have to use a special crimping tool. The results might look as shown here - not as neat as the factory crimp, but holding the wire securely. Terminals are cheap (~ 20 pence or so), so get a few in exceed and exercise crimping if you haven't done it before. Top and side view of the readily crimped terminal. Also note the position and shape of the latches. Bend up a released latch with care if you plan to re-use a terminal.

- Assemble the plug. Picture of parts. From left to right: sealed male terminal, secondary lock, socket, plug, secondary connector (interchangeble with socket), sealed female terminal. I usually apply some o-ring grease to make the seal slip into position smoother and prevent it from deformation. Push the terminal from the wire side into the plug until the latch locks. Check by gently pulling at the wire. Install the secondary lock which will keep the seal in place. The readily assembled connector will look like this one.

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