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This section is for forum related issues, problems and questions when Ash screws something up!
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Re: Login problem

Postby Ash » Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:24 pm

Out of interest ... when you log in, are you logging into the forum or the website ...

To access the forum you need to click the log in link on the forum not the website ...

So to be clear ..

For the website - http://www.ukbeg.com/login.php

For the forum - ucp.php?mode=login

They are separate logins because originally the website wasn't designed to be logged into, until we got the gallery section.

Might this be your issue ... ?
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Re: Login problem

Postby Finmows » Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:49 pm

Ash wrote:Might this be your issue ... ?

It was :oooops:
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