Reactivate your ECMSPY account.

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Reactivate your ECMSPY account.

Postby XB1203 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:38 pm

My Windows 10 laptop developed issues and required a "PC reset", which amounts to wiping clean and reformatting the hard drive, and reloading a fresh operating system. Your data can be saved, if you choose, but all owner-loaded software (like ECMSPY) is removed.

Saint Pash, as always, was more than willing to get me going again, but due to a comedy of my own errors, he had to suffer through three attempts to get into proper alignment my new public key and database, and possibly a couple of white dwarfs, so I could once again converse with Ol' Lightnin'.

It's all about correct sequence.

So to help save Pash the future aggravation of dealing repeatedly with "instructionally challenged" people like me, I put together an easily understood, simplified set of instructions for reactivating ones' ECMSPY account:

Note: If you need to reinstall Mono 2.10.9 (I did), do that FIRST: ... /download/ ECMSPY will work only with this version.

1) Open the ECMSPY app and click the blue "i" icon in the menu bar.

2) Select "Save Public Key." Copy the key file location. Then "close".

3) At the website, go to "Software Activation", and sign in.
4) Fill in the Activation Form, including the key file location, select the correct ECM type, then "submit".

5) At "My Downloads", if the new database setup software has been uploaded, copy the password in the RH column, download the new database setup and step through the installation wizard.

6) Done.

Todd Burpee

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