X1 clutch adjustment

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X1 clutch adjustment

Postby chrisx1 » Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:12 pm

I have the manual but what I want to know is it a 1/4 of a turn out from the first feel of resistance or from when the screw feels like it’s home but with a bit of effort could be tightened quite a bit more.
The reason I ask is because I spend most of my town riding trying to find neutral, and the clutch lever has to be pulled fully in with little if any play between dissengaged and engaged.


Re: X1 clutch adjustment

Postby xldevil » Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:44 am

„ MAKING THE CLUTCH RELEASE ADJUSTMENT - Refer to your FSM to be sure this procedure is correct for your particular model - Check/Adjust every 5000 miles (or as needed). Grab the Clutch Lever and squeeze and release a few times before you start - This helps to settle the position of the Release Adjuster…

Now find the Clutch Cable Adjuster - Move the boot & loosen the Jam Nut - Fully loosen the tension by screwing the two parts of the Clutch Cable Adjuster together, thus making the adjuster shorter - thereby the cable (and lever) becomes loose…

Remove the Clutch Inspection Cover (off the Primary Housing - Small Cover on '86-'93 - Large 'Derby Cover' on '94-up) (You may have to loosen or remove the left mid-mount foot peg) - be careful as you remove the cover because there is an internal spring & Release Adjuster Position Lock Nut - Remove the internal spring & Release Adjuster Position Lock Nut…

Turn the center screw of the Release Adjuster clockwise one turn away from the original position to be sure you are fully unloading any pressure - then slowly turn the Release Adjuster screw COUNTERCLOCKWISE until you feel ANY CHANGE IN TENSION - Do this a few times to be sure you feel the right spot where tension begins – When you're satisfied you have the right spot, turn the adjuster screw back clockwise 1/4 to 3/8 of a turn to be sure no preload tension is on the Diaphragm Spring.

Side note:
It may be difficult to feel the right spot while turning the screw. 8) 9)
You may want to grab the release arm and check for movement where the cable attaches.
Play (or lack of play) is obvious there as you adjust the screw.
Check for movement there, same direction as the cable operating the release.
You can easily feel the clearance change at the arm as you adjust the screw vs the vague feel you get at the screw.
The “feel” at the release arm where the clutch cable attaches is very distinct so you have a high degree of confidence you got it right.

Place the Release Adjuster Position Lock Nut back in place (turning the screw farther CLOCKWISE ONLY - JUST ENOUGH to get the nut to fit in the nearest position - Do not turn the screw more counterclockwise) - Place the spring back over the nut and place the Inspection Cover back onto the Primary Housing and retighten the foot peg if necessary…

Now, go back to the Clutch Cable Adjuster - Unscrew the two parts to lengthen the Adjuster just enough that there is still 1/8” of free play in the clutch lever movement BEFORE IT BEGINS TO ENGAGE THE CLUTCH RELEASE (check this at the cable connection to the lever) - Now tighten the Jam Nut on the cable adjuster and move the rubber boot back over it…“

http://sportsterpedia.com/doku.php/tech ... riclutch01

Hope this helps.

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