...read fault codes

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...read fault codes

Postby pash » Thu May 07, 2009 9:55 pm

Fire up ECMSpy


Click on Trouble Codes tab


Click on Read


Check Trouble Code numbers against list below (ECMSpy 1.12.1 incorrectly described at least one TC)

Clear the trouble codes by clicking Clear.

Note that the Historic window still retains those codes now cleared.

Reading your error codes can be done *manually* in the following way:

* Find your Data Link (ECMSpy) plug.
    XB R - under LH side lower fairing spar
    XB S/SS/SX/STT - Under seat to right of the ECM
    XB X/XT - LH opening of the seat subframe (no need to remove the seat - although it is easier to do so)
    X1/S3 - RH side of the headstock up to MY 2000. Under the seat, LH subframe rail on MY 2001 On an XB R this is under LH side lower fairing spar
* Pull out the rubber bung and look at the plug with the latch at the top. The top right pin is pin 1, then going clockwise 2, 3 and 4
* Short pins 1 and 2 (light green/red and black - two to the right) together and turn on the ignition
* Turn the ignition ON and wait eight seconds for the check engine lamp to start flashing
* You should see 6 rapid flashes (3 per second), then a 2 second pause with the CEL off
* The next flashes define the code. Count the next stream of flashes (on 1 sec, off 1 sec), that is the first digit of the code
* Wait for the 2 sec pause
* Count the next stream of flashes (on 1 sec, off 1 sec), that is the second digit of the code. e.g. 6 rapid flashes, pause, 1x1 second flash, 2 second pause, 3x 1 second flashes, pause, 6 rapid flashes = code 13 = lambda sensor.
* The above repeats, starting with the 6 quick flashes. If more than one trouble code has been logged, you will see a second pair of digits sent after the six flashes, and if three, a third set of digits
* Write down each code until you have them all.
* If you just get 6 rapid flashes, followed by a pause, followed by another 6 rapid flashes, then no codes are present

What do the numbers mean?

11 Throttle position sensor
13 Oxygen sensor
14 Engine temperature sensor
15 Intake air temperature sensor
16 Battery voltage
21 Interactive muffler control (12s only)
22 Active Intake Control (Japan XBs only)
23 Front fuel injector
24 Front ignition coil
25 Rear ignition coil
26 Clutch switch
27 Neutral light switch
32 Rear fuel injector
33 Fuel pump
34 Idle Stabilisation Valve (08 and newer only)
35 Tachometer
36 Cooling fan
43 Speed sensor
44 Bank angle sensor
46 Starter relay control (08 and newer only)
47 Aux power relay input (08 and newer only)
52, 53, 54, 55 ECM failure
56 Cam sync failure

Locate the data link (RH side of the headstock on your bike)pull the black rubber bung
08 Specialized Langster

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