Forum rules and info - Please take the time to read.

A warm welcome to all our new members, please feel free to post a hello and a bit about yourself. We were all new once so don't be shy!
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Forum rules and info - Please take the time to read.

Postby Admin » Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:53 pm

Welcome to UKBEG's virtual home.

Please make yourself at home and post a hello. If your a new member, then don't be afraid to ask a question (no matter how silly it might sound) someone will help out where ever you need it, Also filling in your profile with your location and machine model helps a great deal when needing advice etc ...

Pull up a chair in the social section or chat about bike related things in the Tech and Buell sections. Please be aware that people who give advice and help out here do so freely and have busy real lives, your questions will get answered eventually so patience is appreciated. Spam and general chit chat in the Tech and Buell chat sections may be deleted without warning ... keep it technical and on topic please. Those user names who appear green and red run the place and are all happy to help out with anything specific you need. UKBEG will not be held responsible for any advice given or for your own inept spannering!

Please check out the Archive section, its a link to the old forum that has a mass of help and information on everything you can think of regarding your bike.


The House Rules and Info ...

    1. No racial, homophobic, gory, sexist or heavy political rants/posts/links, no pornographic pictures, avatars, signatures or links, or excessive language (the C word is completely banned) and no wares/illegal download links. We have all walks of life passing by including minors, there are other parts of the web for such things, here isn't one of them and will get your account suspended or possibly banned.

    2. Pure spam threads made just for the sake of it, is not encouraged, don't be surprised to find your thread disappearing if it serves no purpose and doesn't contribute to the forum.

    3. Please keep YouTube clips to the YouTube page and Jokes to the Joke page and do not start new threads, these will be deleted or moved.

    4. Indecent, vulgar and/or disturbing post content in anyway that may cause significant offence will be removed. The determination of what is construed as indecent, vulgar, spam, etc. as noted in the above points is up to Moderators and not users.

    5. Do not create accounts or use a username for the purpose of business or commercial gain, without prior permission from the Admin of UKBEG. If you have been excluded from the forum for what ever reason, creating another account will also see you banned permanently.

    6. Likewise threads created with the sole purpose of advertising goods, services etc without asking Admin first (courtesy costs nothing)

    7. UKBEG will not be held responsible for transactions between persons in the For Sale and Wanted Sections.

    8. The for sale section is for private use only, and trade and commercial adds/links that appear will be removed, and your account may be suspended or banned, unless agreed with the forum Admin before hand.

    9. Please do not add your email and/or phone number to posts or signatures, you can be contacted through the sites PM system (we are not responsible for what happens to your number or email address if you publicly post them) and If you have joined just to sell something the least you can do is encourage someone else to join in order to contact you about your advert.

    10. Although advertising in the For Sale section is free, the forum however is not. It costs a lot of money to run, money we raise through donations from members here. Don't abuse their generosity by posting massive amounts of ads without reading here first - viewtopic.php?f=15&t=18

    11. All of the above also extend to the PM service, if it is abused and a complaint is made, the right to send PM's will be removed and you will be suspended.

    12. If you feel that something is in breach of the few rules we have please use the “post report” feature to report posts to a member of the Moderation Team who will take action.

    13. The Moderation Team work hard to make this a fun and informative place to be, we make no apology for enforcing any and all rules. Arguing the toss over the rules of the forum will only serve to give you a 1 to 7 day ban. Further infringements after this will ensure your exclusion from the group permanently.

    14. The anonymity of the internet means you get to be a keyboard warrior, troll and argumentative fool from the comfort of your arm chair ... this luxury does not extent to this forum. Trolling, Threats of violence, being a nuisance, trying to bend the rules and generally being a pain in the backside will get you suspended and banned quickly .... play nicely and respect our house, you will only get one warning.

    15. UKBEG is a free site, its run and paid for by some of its members who work hard and for free to keep it going, this forum is its clubhouse. If you don't agree with the house rules and requests made by Admin and Mods then feel free to leave again, we wont be offended.

    16.Lastly, The UKBEG Admin reserves the right of admission to anyone on this forum, and to change edit or alter the rules as it sees fit.

If in doubt about any of the above, Just watch this .. it kind of sums things up nicely ;)


Thanks for reading ..

The UKBEG Team.
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