Welcome to the 'How To' section ..

This is a reference section for handy guides, tips and hints for all those jobs you might want to do on your bike. UKBEG takes no responsibility for your inept spannering!
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Welcome to the 'How To' section ..

Postby Admin » Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:59 pm

Welcome to the 'How To' section. This section is basically a reference section on how to do all those mods, repairs, resets and DIY spannering jobs, that are frequently asked about.

If you have a top tip, a handy mod or tried something that you think someone here can benefit from, then make a guide, post it here and a Mod will sticky it with the rest. Please be clear, concise and provide pictures if possible.

Start your topic with 'How To' or 'A Guide To' then a very basic title.

A few rules ..

1. Unrelated topics and spam will be moved or deleted, as will any posts that stray are off topic.

2. If you have specific questions regarding guides here please post them as a topic in the Technical Section, and not in here.

3. UKBEG will not be held responsible for any mistakes, screw ups or damage you may make to your bike as a result of following any of these guides.

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