X1 intermittent cutting out...

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Re: X1 intermittent cutting out...

Postby att » Mon Aug 16, 2021 5:49 pm

kevmean wrote:
att wrote:I decided to look into getting a temp sensor on the web...Well, it is a part made from unobtainium it would seem.

So I made an enquiry with the ntl website, twinmotorcycles as it states that it is a POA part, so I sent off an enquiry, not expecting an answer until Wednesday, as that is when they are open again, but I had an email this morning from them and they want 225.00 Euro for this part, it is genuine part for the XB`s that you have to modify...So I thought about that and knowing how much they were, I was determined not to pay that for it.

USA place has one that is less than £100 delivered with duty etc.

I have ordered a sensor from Amazon for £30.00 delivered from the USA as a bit of an experiment.

However, before I did all this I removed the old sensor after grinding a portion of a 1/2 inch socket so that the cable could play freely...There was a bit of debris in the place that the sensor sits, so I blew that out with an airline, I checked the bullet connectors and the female seemed a bit loose lOl No change there then. So I cleaned it all up, tightened up the female with a bit of pressure from some electrical thingy`s, plunged the male part in and then made sure it was a nice tight fit, it was lovely.

So a nice fitting sensor screwed back in place all nice and clean, well connected and put the tank back on, put some fuel in it ready for the usual test track this morning.

Beautiful, lovely, smoother than a oiled up whore in silk panties, so I am going to get the plugs out give them a good scrub and then take it for a long run to see if the fueling is right, it smells fine, but the colour of the plugs will tell me what I want to know better.

If it was just a loose bullet connector all this time, then I am going to inflict a serious physical injury upon myself.


You plonker ;) I told you to check that connection and to make sure it's wire wasn't rubbing through the other week lOl

I know and I did, but I cannot remember if I disconnected and reconnected it or not, my memory is fucked and then some! I think I am just going to lump mysen now, just in case lOl

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