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Playground of the Techies. The place for resolution of more detailed questions and problems. Attempts to start The Tyre Thread or The Oil Thread in here may result in personal injury.
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Tech Section Guide ...

Postby Admin » Wed Apr 15, 2009 7:07 pm

Welcome to the Tech section ...

This is a place to ask any and all technical and in depth questions regarding your bike, anything goes as long as it's regarding a technical question or issue you have. Please bear in mind that folks here, although extremely knowledgeable, give their time for free and also have real lives. As such your questions will be answered as soon as they get a chance, so patience is sometimes needed!

Please check out the Archive section, its a link to the old section that has a mass of help and information on everything you can think of regarding your bike.

Please don't be surprised to find your post/topic moved to another section, or deleted without warning if it is considered unrelated to this section, this section is moderated as we like to keep this purely for technical questions and resolutions so that other folk can also read easily to find solutions etc ... to do this we keep spam and unrelated chatter to a minimum, pop over to the social section for a good natter, or Buell Chat to talk about the bikes in general!

Thanks folks, happy riding!
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